Monday, May 29, 2017

public defamatory comments

Due to defamatory comments posted publicly about me by jealous members of my family, my livelihood and income both have been affected adversely.  My reputation with worldwide customers over the years of teaching and selling my creations at art shows  has been irreparably harmed by these ridiculous lies. I have suffered thousands of dollars of income loss due to these lies, along with pain and suffering but that will be prosecuted as well over time. My customers have witnessed these one-sided defamatory screeds on Facebook and have forwarded them to me which, in turn, have been forwarded to my attorneys.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

More new work....

I always have ambivalent feelings when one of my favorite pieces is sold as this one recently was at the Florida Artists Gallery....There are times when the beads and colors come together in magical ways and this was definitely one of those pieces for me.  I will miss it but know that it will be well appreciated in it's new home.  Need to get busy creating more freeform necklaces!!